L1500A Wehrmacht Light Truck 4x4



Kit L 1500 A represents one of the standard light truck of Wehrmacht WW2 category 1500 t with transmition  4x4.

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Whermacht used many trucks from various manufacturers during the war. As the war went, it was necessary to proceed with the categorization and standardization to simplify the logistics of the army. Class 1500 light trucks represent a certain division between deliveries and freight wagons. Many factories have been involved in the production of these cars. The most famous are Steyer, Opel and Mercedes products, but there were more manufacturers. The car kit with the military designation L 1500 A represents one of these wagons. The cars were popular for their poignant design, robustness and reliability. The letter "A" refers to the variant of a 4x4 drive. From 1941 to 1943, 4900 units of this vehicle were produced, both in the 4x4 and 4x2 versions. Vehicles served in the army, construction organizations, fire brigades, and after the war and in the civilian sector.

The kit includes plastic parts including one frame of transparent parts containing cabin glass. In addition, a set of photo etched parts and an alternative resin set of wheels are available as a bonus. Resin wheels are  different compare to the wheels made out of plastic.