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  • Plastic model Willys MB 1st Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade from the West Front in the scale 1:72 from Attack Hobby Kits. S-model plastic parts are included plus a resin figures of British Jeep crew. Resin details contain new front mask and the rest is provided as PE details. Decals allow to build camouflages of 4 cars from the Czechoslovak unit on the...

  • Plastic model of an unusual version of an popular Czech vehicle from the period Second World War. Model in scale 1:72 includes plastic parts with etched details.

  • Kit L 1500 A represents one of the standard light truck of Wehrmacht WW2 category 1500 t with transmition  4x4.

  • L 1500 A was based on chassis of 1.5 ton truck. It was fitted with body to transport 7 people and was to act as an infantry transport. The vehicle was classified as Class 1500 vehicle same as Steyr 1500 A. From 1941 to 1943, some 4900 L 1500 Ainfantry transports were produced.

  • It is model of armor in the form of a plastic model of scale 1/72 still doesn't exist.Moreover this model is first prepared in the 3D technology. The first performance will be called "Hobby". Only with quality moldings and three types of camouflage.As the second model, we will launch the "professional" who will containing resin accessories including...

  • Kit of the German light tank Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. F, also known as Panzer II Ausf. F, represents the last large-scale variant of this basic light tank of Wehrmacht from the initial period of WWII. The model captures a variety of modifications of the version F compared to the previously released models of variants c, A, B or C.

  • Model has been prepared in our "Profi" standard. Model contains basic plastic parts with resin casted parts for easier construction. Decals for "what if" versions included.

  • Plastic model of Wehrmacht captured SU-76i.

  • Model has been prepared in the "PROFI" line standard. Kit will contain quality plastic parts, resin casted parts (high quality details plus track bends for easy build). Metal gun barrels will be added as the complement.

  • Model has been prepared in the "PROFI" line standard. Kit contains quality plastic parts, resin casted parts (high quality details plus track bends for easy build). 2 metal gum barrels are included as the complement.

  • Plastic model SU-76I (or sometimes labelled SU-762) contains high quality plastic parts, complemented by a metal gun barrel and resin parts for easy construction. Clear full-colour instruction leads step by step through the construction and also includes full-colour pictures of offered camouflage variants.

Showing 1 - 12 of 70 items