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Attack Hobby Kits - History

The first Attack Hobby Kits product was placed on the market in 1996. The first production was focused on simple resin kit. The big change came in 1998 - the first plastic kit was launched - tank LT-38/38 Panzer in scale 1/72. The company gradually introduced on the market more than 50 plastic kits in 1/72 scale. As the supplement to the main production line resin accessories for AFV models of various scales were produced as well. For several years, the company also had been producing aircraft models 1/144 scale.

In April 2015 the company changed owners. This is related to the renewed production of models and introduction of many new models.


News 2015

Our new models will be divided according to their destination the following categories:

  • Hobby - simpler models for all modelers including beginners. Models include only plastic parts
  • Profi - Models for experienced modelers, including "full facilities" such as resin and etched parts, metal gun barrels and so on.
  • Master - Series combines luxury models with many extras such as figurines, plaster or resin accessories

The new presentation of our products has been prepared. You can find information about us not only on our new web site, but also on the social networks. You can order online our products at our sister company Plastic Planet e-shop (www.plasticplanet.cz). You can find in this e-shop entire product range available. Production of plastic models in the present day has been fully running. Production of resin kits and accessories is currently suspended, but it will start again during the fall 2015. We wish you many pleasant experiences with our models.

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