PzKpfw II Ausf.C Eastern Front



Model has been prepared in the "PROFI" line standard. Kit will contain quality plastic parts, resin casted parts (high quality details plus track bends for easy build). Metal gun barrels will be added as the complement.

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This version of PzKpfw II was a result of gradual modernization of this light tank in order to increase the protection of the crew using the added armor and improving working conditions of the commander by adding a commander turrets. This changes greatly changed the look of the car. In addition to the new production, the majority of earlier supplied vehicles were adjusted to this standard. Modifications were carried out at high speed during a break in the fighting after the capitulation of France at the turn of 1940-1941. During the fightings in the Balkans has been overwhelming majority of Panzer II adapted to this standard. This kit will provide some interesting camouflages of vehicles from the Eastern Front 1941 - 1943.