Marmon Herrington mk II MFF



It is model of armor in the form of a plastic model of scale 1/72 still doesn't exist.
Moreover this model is first prepared in the 3D technology. The first performance will be called "Hobby". Only with quality moldings and three types of camouflage.
As the second model, we will launch the "professional" who will containing resin accessories including interior.

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In the building process of armored vehicles in the
south Africa there were used mostly parts that were
shipped here. Chassis Ford were made in Canada,
four-wheeled drive rig was made from company
called Marmon Herrington from the USA and
armament was brought from Great Britain. Building
of the vehicle was provided by local workshops.
Armored plates was made by local rolling mills.
The first of those vehicles was labeled as
South african reconnaissance vehicle Mk I.It has
chassis with long wheelbase and is driven by rear
axile. South african reconnaissance vehicle Mk II had
shorter wheelbase and was driven by all four wheels.
After first combat experiences from the first conflict
with Italians in the east Africa all vehicles Mk I were
 given for training purposes but Mk II had better
destiny in front of him.

In the time when the first armoured vehicles went
into south African and British forces it was unique
vehicles and one of his kind that had allied forces in
their disposal. It was the main vehicle of the
scouting troops in the first campaign in the western
desert. Surprisingly it was very succesfull vehicle
even because  its armor of maximum of 12mm wasn't
the best. Even the armament wasn't sufficiernt
enought. Soldiers made some improvements
themselves in the course of the war. They used parts
of any other vehicles they found. There were lots of
different weapons pointing from its turret.