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Swiss light tank LTL-H/ Pzw 39

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Swiss light tank LTL-H/Pzw 39, 1:72
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Swiss light tank LTL-H/ Pzw 39

72960 Swiss light tank LTL-H/Pzw 39

The LTL-H tank was created in the Czechoslovak ČKD factory based on the requirements of the Swiss Army. The LTL series tanks had the same construction as the much better known and widespread Lt.38 tank, but they were smaller. Designer Surin came up with a successful light tank design that allowed for flexible modifications based on customer requirements. And not only in terms of armament, but also in terms of the size and strength of the armour. Engines and transmissions could also be changed. Nevertheless, the construction was sufficiently reliable and the resulting light tanks were at the forefront of performance and armament for their time. On the basis of the Swiss order, 24 tanks were created - half in ČKD, the rest were then delivered as semi-finished products to be assembled in Switzerland.

The tanks had Scania-Vabis engines and the main armament was the Swiss Panzerwagenkanone 1938 24 mm cannon supplemented by two 7.5 mm colomets (one in the turret coupled to the cannon and the other in the hull). The delivery was finally completed only after the occupation of Bohemia in April 19399 and the tanks were decommissioned only in 1950. A few examples have been preserved to this day, even in roadworthy condition.

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