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Attack HK Shop

& Plastic Planet Shop

Kodymova 2539/8, Prague 5 - Stodůlky

Contact: 00420 235 315 925


Opening hours:

Monday         closed
Tuesday       12:00-18:00
Wednesday  12:00-18:00
Thursday      12:00-18:00
Friday           12:00-18:00

Saturday       closed
Sunday         closed


We are looking forward to your visit


Team Attack

email: shop@attack-kits.eu


Under the Sales Records Act, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, he is required to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online; in the event of a technical outage, at the latest within 48 hours.

Cookies information message

Cookies information message

1. First of all, we would like to mention what cookies are.
Cookies are small text files that our e-shop www.attack-kits.eu stores on your device. More precisely, it is stored by a web browser at the request of www.attack-kits.eu. Our website, www.attack-kits.eu, can retrieve the contents of the cookies on a recurring visit. According to him, our e-shop will know which pages you visited last time, if you have any goods inserted in the basket or if you are not already logged in. Cookies are necessary for most websites to function properly on the Internet.

2. What types of cookies do we use
Cookies in our e-shop can be viewed with double optics - depending on their validity or purpose.


• short-term cookies - valid for the duration of your visit to our e-shop and are no longer valid for a while after leaving www.attack-kits.eu. They help the basic function of our e-shop.

• long-term cookies - valid for days to weeks. They make it easier to set up a shop when you come back, help you sign in, or remind you of the e-shop offer at www.attack-kits.eu, as well as in ad slots on other sites on the Internet.


• key (functional) cookies - without them our e-shop will not work properly. When you disable them, you may not be able to put the goods into the cart or you may, for example, disappear the contents of the cart or you will not be able to log in, register or stay logged in.

• Analytical - allows you to track site traffic and use various e-shop features. We would like to improve your e-shop control, make the goods / services / functions you prefer. According to them, we are trying to improve the e-shop www.plasticplanet.cz, so that you are more satisfied when visiting the e-shop.

• Tracking and Remarketing - Helps us optimize the offer for customers and reach them in ad slots on other websites. For this purpose we use third-party analytical tools - specifically Google analytics: http://analytics.google.com and seznam.cz - http://sklik.cz

• Conversion - used to evaluate how advertising works and the different paths that users receive at the e-shop www.attack-kits.eu.

3. Possibility to turn off saving cookies
Common Internet browsers allow you to turn off cookies. If you want to disable, restrict, delete, see your browser's help and follow the information provided. Please be aware that with the cookies turned off, the convenience of the purchasing process can be significantly reduced or even the purchase process may not be completed.

4. Expressing consent to the use of cookies
By using our e-shop (browsing, purchasing, signing in) you agree to the use of cookies on your device.

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